Who we are

Chisholm Trail RC Club was established in Clearwater, Kansas, a few years ago. With the development of sports complexes near our flying field, we made the decision to search for a new site. Fortunately, we were able to acquire our own land and construct our very own facilities on it.

Our members enjoy all aspects of RC flying including "foamies", sport planes, giant-scale aircraft, aero-towing, turbines, and much more!

Our club is AMA-chartered (2736) and has been recognized as a FRIA by the FAA.

Visitors are always welcome! Please note that AMA membership is a requirement to fly at our field.

Our Field

Our flying field, situated on the outskirts of Clearwater, Kansas, boasts excellent facilities for aviation enthusiasts. With a 500-foot paved runway and a parallel grass landing strip, there is plenty of space for takeoffs and landings. Additionally, our club has constructed 14 shelters, each equipped with cement pads, providing shade and a designated area for aircraft assembly. The majority of these shelters are equipped with AC power and running water, ensuring a comfortable experience for our members. Furthermore, all shelters are furnished with work tables, which are available for everyone's use. Our flying field is the perfect place for enthusiasts to gather, build, and enjoy the thrill of aviation.

Our mission

Our main objective is to promote the RC hobby among like-minded enthusiasts by organizing frequent get-togethers at our designated flying field. By providing a platform for passionate RC hobbyists to come together and share their love for remote-controlled aircraft, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community. Through these gatherings, we aim to foster friendships, exchange knowledge, and enhance the overall experience of our members. As we continue to cultivate our membership, we hope to expand the reach of this exciting hobby and engage more individuals in the joy of RC flying. Join us as we embark on this journey of camaraderie and growth within the RC community!