Chisholm Trail Inaugural Giant-scale Aerotow

Join us for our inaugural aerotow at our airfield locate outside of Clearwater Kansas!

Welcome to our inaugural giant-scale aerotow! Our field is located in south-central Kansas just outside the town of Clearwater and is ideal for flying sailplanes! We have 14 covered pavilions that not only provide shade from the Kansas sun but also have 110V power available for charging batteries! Here's what we have planned so far:

  • Aerotow dates: 30 May - 2 June

  • Flying starts a 10 until everyone it tired! We'll have a pilot briefing before flying starts on May 30

  • Landing fee for the event is $30

  • Multiple towplanes will be available

  • Self launch sailplanes welcome! Only restriction is no self lauch take off while the towplanes are operating

  • All aircraft types are welcome to fly during lunch breaks and after towing activity is finished for the day

  • Our flying field is FRIA approved so remote ID is NOT required (YAY!)

  • AMA membership IS required

  • RV parking and camping is allowed on-site

  • We'll have at least one sailplane available for non-sailplane pilots to fly! (Must be an AMA member)

  • This event IS AMA sanctioned

Contest CD: Jimmy Prouty 316-305-5835

If your'e interested in joining us please pre-register using one of the following links: